City council this morning authorized remedial action be taken to clean up the site at 10225 10 Street – which used to house both Wildcat Video and Patra’s Pizza – after staff reported that work was no longer being undertaken by the property owner, Syryda Properties Ltd.

“It appears to us as though there is a stalemate,” said chief administrative officer Jim Chute following the regular meeting of council. “When we talk to the owner, the owner indicates it is a problem with the insurance company, and when we talk to the insurance company, they indicate it’s a problem with the owner. This is not unusual in a claim of this size that there might be negotiations are disagreements between the two parties, it’s just that in this case we can’t wait for them to sort that out.”

He said staff and city council believe not only is the site unsightly in a high-traffic area, but it poses a danger to any curious passer-by who might try to get into the site because of hazardous materials like asbestos being present, as well as several fall hazards.

The City of Dawson Creek will now contract out to complete the demolition and clean-up of the building and will seek to recover those costs from the owner. Chute said if the outstanding costs are not recovered, the property would then go to tax sale and the city could end up owning it. He said there is no guarantee the city could then recover the cost of site remediation through selling the property, adding that the properties where the Dawson Hotel and Windsor Hotel were once located went through that process and those properties have still not been sold.

He said that quite a bit of the remediation work has been done already and he won’t know what the remainder of that cost will be until he receives bids for the work, but it is likely it would more than the resale value of the property.