Each “country residential lot” would be two acres with 26 acres of common  green space. The property was previously considered agricultural, but Mary Wade says it is unfarmable.

Having 46 lots would only be possible if they are connected to a community sewer system or if the soil is suitable for on-site sewage disposal. If not, only 23 lots would be approved.

Not all of the directors were in approval; Electoral Areas”B” Director Karen Goodings and “C” Director Arthur Hadland both voted against the rezoning. Goodings said she was worried about taking that land out of the Agricultural Land Reserve.

Hadland opposed the motion because in two meetings he had attended in Charlie Lake about the development, he felt the majority of people in the area were against it. Mary admitted that some residents on Golf Course Road don’t approve of the development, but she doesn’t feel that represents the whole community.

However, Larry Wade argued that these plans fit in with the Official Community Plan which was approved by the community as a whole, which wouldn’t have passed if there was disapproval. The supporting directors pointed out there was no reason to oppose the rezoning as it fits in the OCP and has been approved by the Agricultural Land Commission.