Taking place on Sept. 21, 12 volunteers from Devon made their way to the local SPCA for its annual Day of Caring, to help do some landscaping duties, including yard work, cleaning and tree planting.

Bev Gutknecht of the SPCA says “Devon Canada did a remarkable job and what a difference they have made. The planted trees, cleaned out flower beds, the back yard is so much better as they cut down old trees and hauled it all away, the corner garden was cleaned out, new landscaping and replaced and stained new ties and filled it with gravel. I am so happy with how much work they did for us. Thank you.”

Niki Hedges of the United Way discussed the importance of events like these, saying how these type of programs help non-profit organizations develop relationships with their surrounding communities, which can be extremely beneficial for future programs.

An added bonus to a day of volunteering: a Devon member was reunited with a cat they had lost a few days before.