She added she has “nothing against Albertans, but it’s clear in Fort Nelson that skill development hasn’t kept pace with industry demand.” She then unveiled a plan to enhance skill training in the province, stating she wants British Columbians to be filling those gas industry jobs rather than Albertans.

Lekstrom agrees work needs to be put in to get those jobs.

“Look, we don’t expect to be handed this work without competing for it. Our workers and businesses will compete with anybody, whether they’re from Alberta or across North America or the world and we will deliver quality service and quality work at a competitive price.”

He says that the premier and himself are committed to creating jobs for British Columbians.

By focusing on university education for youth instead of trades and skilled labour, Lekstrom argues that Canada has “lost sight as a society”. He says the government has refocused on that and has been investing additional money in skills training and development.

Christy Clark has been unveiling her jobs plan in stages this week, and will release her entire strategy Thursday, at a Vancouver Board of Trade luncheon.