These proposed areas are located in the North West quadrant of Fort St. John, to be built over the next 10-15 years.

The sticking point for the developments is a narrow strip of land between Sunset Ridge and West Ridge, currently part of the Peace River Regional District.

A physical connection using a full road to allow traffic flow and access to city services is considered desirable, but not mandatory. However, developers are facing difficulties resolving jurisdictional issues.

There are three proposed options for the area.

Option A is a straight connection via 112 Street. Properties located outside City limits would need to have a Statuatory Road Right of Way placed on their titles for future road and utilities installation. This option is supported by the City’s technical staff as well as the two property owners affected.

Option B instead creates a zig-zag pattern originating further from the proposed park area. Mr. Brar, the developer of Sunset Ridge supports option B, while the developer of West Ridge prefers Option A.

The third option, option C, is to leave the areas as is and have no connection between the two subdivisions.

Kim Henry, one of the property owners, says Option B is very disruptive, as it cuts his property up. He says he would be prepared to sign off on either Option A or C.

City Manager Dianne Hunter says the property owners will be part of the process.

“If the property owners do not support Option B, there is no Option B.”

Wanting to see the results of further traffic assessments, council voted to only endorse the plans for Sunset Ridge and West Ridge in principle. City staff will continue to discussion connection option with the property owners.

As Garrison Landing is ready to continue, Council voted to endorse the plans for the area.