One of the things keeping Linden busy since retiring four years ago from the NHL, has been traveling the speaking circuit spreading his thoughts on how team work in hockey can relate to business. 

Linden stressed setting goals should be a major priority for any person or small business.  For Linden when playing hockey, each day there was a new goal, whether it was beating the next team or finding a new way to impress the coach.  Since retirement, Linden says it was a struggle to find new goals, which would help keep him motivated the way the NHL would.  With business, Linden believes businesses should set out clear goals and the steps needed to reach those goals for a company and for its staff. 

In 2004 Linden was President of the NHL Players Association when the NHL lockout started, and Linden believes this was one of the most rewarding experiences of his life.  Although no matter what he did, someone wasn’t going to be happy, he always believed he was doing what was best for his fellow players.  Linden stressed making decisions that you believe are best for a company are sometimes the toughest decisions you’ll ever make.  But the people that make those decisions garner the respect of those around them.

When it came to the always controversial topic of fighting in hockey, Linden believes if two players are angry at each other, they can fight.  If a player’s only job on the team is fight and nothing else, that isn’t needed in the game today.

Linden was just one of many people that made presentations during the second day of the Community Futures Conference.  The next keynote speaker will be Arlene Dickinson from the  CBC show the Dragon’s Den.  Dickinson will give the keynote address on Tuesday during the lunch hour. 

The public is welcome to attend with a ticket from Community Futures in Dawson Creek.  For more information on tickets, contact or call 250-782-8748.