In a press release late Saturday night, the RCMP have confirmed that a male died Friday evening in the Fort St. John Detachment. The male was arrested after the RCMP responded to a call just after 5 p.m. Friday September 9.

The RCMP state a series of routine checks were conducted on the male and at one point during the evening he was observed to be unresponsive. The RCMP called Paramedics who pronounced the male dead.

At this time, the B.C. Corner Service is investigating the cause of death and the RCMP haven’t released any further details about what lead to the male being arrested earlier in the day.

The New Westminster Police Department will now investigate the death. Police from New Westminster have already arrived in Fort St. John and have secured and contained the site. The investigation will review the circumstances surrounding the incident and police actions.

This is the second in custody death in Fort St. John in the last four years. In 2007, Larry Lee McPherson went into medical distress while in the custody of Fort St. John RCMP. He was transported to Fort St. John General Hospital where he later died. After an inquest in 2008, a jury found the death to be accidental and the cause to be “cocaine-induced sudden death.”

As the investigation continues, the New Westminster Police Department will provide any further updates on the latest in custody death in Fort St. John.