Students aren’t the only ones setting goals for this school year.
Tuesday morning the Minister of Education George Abbott laid out what the ministry plans to focus on this year, and how things will be a little different in schools around the province.
According to Abbott, one of the biggest changes this year will be the province wide implementation of full day kindergarten, a format that a number of Fort St. John elementary schools have already instated.
The second is that the province will be focusing on Personalized Learning, a process that, as the Minister explains, will help all students early face challenges, and get the most out of their learning.


The Minister also mentioned that the Government is looking into and supporting new and non-traditional ways of teaching. This is good news for School District 60, as within a week, the new Energetic Learning Campus will open, which focuses on more community-based learning methods, instead of the traditional classroom approach.

The Minister also acknowledged the upcoming job action, and mentioned that while he was not optimistic for a quick resolution, he appreciated that the two sides are working hard. He also highlighted the fact that the teachers will not being going on strike, but will merely refrain from performing any of their administrative duties.
School starts this Tuesday around School District 60.