Local producers who are interested in incorporating renewable resources are being encouraged to put forth an application to the Renewable Energy Technology Feasibility Project.

The program, funded through the federal-provincial Growing Forward agreement, is aimed at creating feasibility assessments that will help farm families and agri-food businesses make decisions on how to become energy self-sufficient, how to cut greenhouse gas emissions, and how to branch beyond the conventional agricultural-based income sources.

Applicants will be chosen on criteria that includes: commodity type, location and size.

Once chosen, farms and businesses will have a confidential, in-depth assessment that will determine the technical and financial viability of implementing a new technology into the farm, and from there, the farm has the choice on whether or not to follow through with the implementation.

The farm will have to invest some of its own money if it chooses to go through with changes, and will be asked to contribute to 30 percent of the costs to a maximum of 5,000 dollars.

The Program hopes to learn what obstacles could be stopping producers from using more renewable resources on their farms, and then, how to overcome those obstacles.

They’re currently seeking a total of 15 producers to take part in this project, with 10 of those projects to deal with solar panel technology, and the other 5, geothermal technology.

Applications can be found on the program’s website by clicking here.