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With credit for time already served, Ryan Randolph Holden will serve about two years behind bars. Holden was convicted of manslaughter back in April in the death of 60-year-old Kelly Eugene Roney, who died after being shot in front of Rockwell’s Pub on June 9, 2007.

During his trial, Holden testified he confronted Roney in the parking lot of the pub with the intention of wounding and frightening the man, not killing him. Holden said he acted spontaneously and under stress after several months of being harassed and threatened by Roney. The court heard testimony that the two had been involved in drug trafficking at the time of the shooting.

Holden, who was 27 at that time, was arrested in Ontario two months after the shooting and has been in custody ever since.

After serving out his sentence, he will be subject to a two-year probation and a lifetime firearms prohibition.


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