Fort St. John is watering the flower pots, sweeping the streets and tidying up for the 17th annual Communities in Bloom competition.

The competition is all about community pride, says Tara O’Donnell, the City’s community development co-ordinator.

Part of the evaluation includes showing the judges just how residents get involved in their community through fundraisers and different organizations.

Two judges are arriving Wednesday evening from Ontario and California and will be taking tours around the city, including to the new hospital site. Then, they will be officially evaluating the city on Friday.

O’Donnell says the city is evaluated in six categories, including, environmental action, urban forestry and heritage conservation. She says the City has been actively preparing for the judges’ arrival and is asking businesses and residents to spend a little extra time grooming their store fronts or yards.

Although the City didn’t win an award last year, it received a high score and was a finalist in the 10,001 to 20,000 population category.