The Peace River Regional District will put plans to construct six new, manned solid waste transfer stations throughout the region on hold after the bids received came in well over the approved budget.

The board approved a recommendation from staff that the project be referred to the Solid Waste Committee to come up with other options for directors to consider. Earlier this year, a budget of nearly $3 million was approved to build the transfer stations in Tomslake, Wonowon, Pink Mountain, Upper Halfway, Rose Prairie and Kelly Lake, but one of the tenders received put the cost of constructing all those stations closer to $6 million.

Shannon Anderson, general manager of environmental services for the district, said he is confident with some design changes the project can be re-tendered and the bids received will fit within the budget.

Were going to be re-looking at these designs and see where cost savings can be achieved, and then bring it back to the board in hopes of tendering it this fall to start the work first thing next spring. Hopefully we will get better bids fresh out of the gate in the spring, rather than in the middle of the construction season, which we think may have been part of some of the inflated prices.

He said how the design of those transfer stations might change is not known, and he didnt rule out the possibility them might have to look at building fewer than six stations.

The manned transfer stations were intended to improve upon and replace about 35 unmanned stations in rural areas across the region. Anderson said there will be no changes to the existing service until the new system is implemented.