It might look something along the lines of a ‘Greater Fort St. John Area’.

Although it’s still just an idea, on Monday, Fort St. John City Councillor Dan Davies put forward a notice of motion to the City, to generate discussions and determine the interest of nearby municipalities in potentially forming a regional municipality.

Davies says his suggestion stems from the fact that nearby residents have approached the City, wondering how they can be incorporated into its boundaries.

The first thing that would have to happen is to consult with the other potential areas that might form the regional municipality and find out whether they are interested in examining the idea, says Davies, who spoke on Issues and Answers, Wednesday morning.

He says he would like to approach nearby areas, like Taylor, and Electoral Areas B and C to determine their willingness to participate.

Davies says one potential benefit for having this type regional municipality is cost sharing, which could ultimately lead to cost savings for residents and governments.

However, Davies adds the idea is still a long ways off from being set in stone and his notice of motion is just a first step in starting the discussions.