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In order for the move to happen, B.C. Hydro has scheduled a 12 hour power outage for the community on Thursday July 28 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

B.C. Hydro has installed two back-up generators in the community that will be used during the outage.  Initially Hydro had planned to use the two generators for emergency services in the community, but the power provider will make them available for the entire community to help reduce the impact of the planned outage.

Even with the back-up generators, Hydro still has three main recommendations for residents in Tumbler Ridge.

  • Protect electrical equipment during the power outage by switching off and unplugging lights and electrical equipment.
  • Wait one hour after power is restored before switching on multiple appliances to allow the system time to stabilize. 
  • Check that small portable generators have been installed correctly as incorrect installation can be a potential safety risk to BC Hydro crews. Visit: for information concerning portable generator safety precautions

On July 11, Hydro noticed that a wood pole structure that is part of the 230-kilovolt transmission line to Tumbler Ridge had been compromised.  Since that time, Hydro has been working to build a new structure to support the transmission line.

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