Photo:  An artist rendering of what the North Taylor Hill will look like after construction next year 


The Ministry of Transportation has announced a long-term goal of twinning both Highways 2 and 97N, between the Alberta border and Fort St. John.

Nearly $4 million will be spent in 2011 on seven construction projects on the two highways, to improve safety and capacity.

The projects will mark the beginning of the Province’s long-term plan, which is expected to see the full 115 km stretch twinned.

The seven projects are:
Highway 2 – widening the highway to four lanes for 3.3 kilometres between Tupper Creek and Rusheinski Rd.
Highway 2 – Widening the Tupper Creek Bridge and 4-mile culvert to four lanes.
Highway 2 – Widening a three km stretch of highway from Rolla Rd. to 1st St.
Highway 2 – Blockline southbound passing lane and intersection improvements
Highway 97 – Widening a two km stretch of highway at the bottom of the South Taylor Hill
Highway 97 – Constructing a northbound passing lane at Farmington Fairways

Construction is expected to begin on the projects by next year.  

There is currently no total budget or expected timeline for completion of the entire twinning project, but Blair Lekstrom said it is estimated in the hundreds of millions of dollars to complete the project.