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The Peace Motorcross Association will host races on the Collins Road just off of Highway 49 (Spirit River Highway) featuring over 250 riders from across British Columbia and Alberta. The track promises to present racers with challenging terrain to test their skills.

“The Dawson Creek track is built on the natural terrain of the location, so there are a lot of hills, jumps and hairpin corners. It is one of the higher-skill tracks,” said Penney Emms, a volunteer organizer of the event.

She said the races will feature riders of various ages – from four to 50 years old – and skill levels who will compete with different classes of motorbikes – from 50 cc (cubic centimetres, referring to the size of the engine) bikes for younger riders and up to 450 cc bikes for older, expert riders. She said as many as 40 bikes can compete in a single race, which can create another challenge for riders given the risk of pile-ups.

There will also be two separate classes for female riders, and two classes for quads (all-terrain vehicles).

Emms said there will be some jumps for racers to navigate through, but unlike freestyle motorcross, they won’t be looking to get elevation off those jumps in order to perform tricks and stunts.

“They don’t try to get high, they try to stay low because the lower they stay on the jump, the more seconds they shave off of their time.”

She said the speed and terrain of the races will showcase just how talented the riders are who compete on the local circuit.

“It’s not just you get on a dirt bike and you go, these guys put in a lot of hours practicing on the track and mastering their skills. We had people who came to the races last year who had never been to a motorcross race up here, and they were really in awe of the skill of the riders.”

Emms added spectators will have an opportunity to get right up close to the riders in the pits and talk to them between races.

“Everybody out there is really friendly, and anybody who has any questions can just go up and ask.”

The first race begins at 9:30 a.m. and the event is expected to go well into the evening. Admission is just $5 and there will be concessions on site.

“We try to make it so it doesn’t cost an awful lot because we want people to come out and watch,”aid Emms.

To access the track, turn right (south) at Belsum Auto Recyclers, located about two kilometres east of the traffic circle on Highway 49.




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