The City of Fort St. John has released its official numbers for how much various City employees earned in 2010, including the Mayor and councillors.

City employees’ salaries totaled just slightly less than $12.3 million, including elected officials. However, the Schedule of Renumeration and Expenses shows 45 city employees earning around 40 per cent of that amount. Those 45 employees earned more than $75,000 last year.

Nearly half the list consists of firefighters and fire captains, which Fire Chief Fred Burrows says is mainly because of the number of overtime hours they put in above and beyond their 42-hour work week.

However, the highest paid city employee was City Manager Dianne Hunter, who earned $171,774.97 last year, which constituted a nearly $10,000 increase over her 2009 salary.

The next highest paid City employee – excluding firefighters – was the City’s Director of Planning & Engineering Horacio Galanti who earned $136,500.84.

As for elected officials, the Mayor and councillors earned a combine $187,982.96. Mayor Bruce Lantz, alone, earned nearly $60,000 of that amount. He also claimed $20,457 in expenses. Five of the six city councillors each earned nearly $22,000. Councillor Don Irwin was the only councillor who made less, earning $18,248 due to his temporary leave of absence.

The full list of city employees earning more than $75,000 throughout the 2010 year can be accessed below.