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Reports on Saturday suggest Tubby’s RV Park was being evacuated because of flooding and the Dawson Creek Golf Course has flooded again.

Storm sewers on Willowbrook Crescent have caused flooding in several homes and has caused some homes to be evacuated.  First Street in the area of the Multiplex and airport has all been flooded and barricaded. Seventh street road leading into Walmart blocked off because drainage ditch overflowing and running into streets

Dawson Creek Mayor Mike Bernier says they are monitoring anywhere there is flooding.  “Because a lot of the rain is on the southern part of Dawson Creek, where we are seeing a lot of the flooding is coming off of Bear Mountain.  We want to make sure people don’t go down to close to the creek, because when it’s moving this quickly it can be very hazardous.”

It is believed rivers and creeks in the area have started to peak, though officials have been told they may still rise a little bit more before the day is out.  The good news is the rainfall warning has ended for Peace River South.  The forecast calls for another 5 to 10 mm of rain by Saturday evening.

Residents are asked to stay away from any fast moving water and report information about flooding to the City of Dawson Creek at 250-784-3600.

If you have any information about flooding in Dawson Creek, including photos and video, email

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