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Here is the official statement from Environment Canada,

B.C. South Peace River
3:35 AM PDT Thursday 07 July 2011
Rainfall warning for 
B.C. South Peace River issued

Rain at times heavy is expected to develop tonight over the North Columbia, Kinbasket and B.C. South Peace River regions and Friday morning over the B.C. North Peace River.

This is a warning that significant rainfall is expected or occurring in these regions. Monitor weather conditions..Listen for updated statements.

A low pressure system is forecast to develop over Central Alberta tonight. Moisture associated with the system is expected to spread over the North Columbia and Kinbasket regions tonight where amounts are expected to exceed 25 mm by midday Friday.

Moisture will also spread over the Southern B.C. Peace tonight and then over the north on Friday. There remains some uncertainty with respect to rainfall amounts, but current forecasts indicate that southern sections could see 24 hour amounts approaching 50 mm by late Friday night. Rain is forecast to continue on Saturday but is expected to be lighter with additional amounts in the 10 to 20 range. 

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