With the summer season in full swing, Fort St. John RCMP are reminding boaters about the importance of water safety.

Police have provided several boating tips to ensure everyone can have a safe and enjoyable experience when taking to the open waters.

They are reminding boaters that water crafts cannot maintain a continuous wake within 25 metres of a dock or swimmers. Boat operators must be aware of their speed at all times, to ensure the wake of their vessel does not endanger nearby boaters, cause damage to property or endanger anyone’s safety.

Furthermore, when operating a boat, police say boaters must pay attention to factors such as weather, boating traffic, hazards or potential hazards.They say staying alert and attentive to any of these dangers will ensure boaters and properties are kept safe.

Finally, the RCMP is reminding boaters there is no distinction between operating a vehicle and a boat while impaired. If caught, boaters are treated in the same way as if they were operating a vehicle, with similar punishments and sentencing.

Other boating offences which fall under the Criminal Code of Canada include improperly towing water skiers, failing to stop at the scene of an accident and operating an unseaworthy vessel.

Anyone who witnesses a boat being operated in an unsafe manner is asked to call the local police detachment. To report an unsafe boating incident in Fort St. John, contact the RCMP detachment at 250-787-8140.