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The Peace River Regional District is currently dealing with the Provincial Emergency Program, but the Program’s mandate is to help people’s whose permanent residence has been harmed, only, says Area E Director Tim Caton.

However, that means that residents with cottages in some of the hardest hit areas, like Moberly Lake, may have problems getting assistance. However Caton says the District is trying to convince the Province the damage caused was from a one in 100-year flood event and, thus, the Province should provide assistance.

Caton says he has heard unconfirmed reports that Moberly Lake water levels rose 7.5 feet. He says some residents who have lived along the lake for decades say they have never seen the water that high. Although the water level has begun to drop, he says it’s receding very slowly and it could still be days before some people can return to their properties.

He also adds there were approximately nine families west of Chetwynd near Highway 97 that were completely cut off since Saturday and have just recently regained basic road access.

The District is urging anyone affected by the flood, no matter how minimal the damage, to contact the Emergency Operations Center at 250-784-3200.

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