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The house is a 25-unit building, which was been constructed to LEED Gold standards and offers a place for Aboriginal families and Elders.

The building’s two wings are hinged on a central gathering space where residents can meet to cook meals, enjoy a winter fire, and take in views of the natural landscape. A day-lit corridor draws light into each living space. 

The building’s v-shape, which is meant to recall an eagle in flight, hugs the site topography. Over half of the site area is untouched and landscaping is integrated with its natural surroundings. A large portion of the site was also preserved from future development.

Driver House is located in a suburban area which had no bus routes passing by the site. A proposal to have two routes redirected so they both pass by the site was ratified by the city. The revised routes now serve the building’s residents as well as those who live in the adjacent community.

The many technologically innovative approaches as well as ecologically sensitive ones employed at Driver House serve to deliver a highly efficient building which reduces its impact on the Earth.


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