Photo:  Saturday during the hight of the flooding in Chetwynd – Photo courtesy of the Chetwynd Visitor Centre


In just three days some areas of the Peace saw over 160 mm of rain.

The area hardest hit by rain fall was the Chetwynd region. Chetwynd it’s self had a total of 128.5 mm of rain from Thursday to Saturday. In the Pine Pass the weather station at Lemoray received the most rain in the region in three days, 161.8 mm.

Hudson’s Hope saw 126.2 mm over the same period and B.C. Hydro reports the Williston Reservoir increased by almost a foot and a half from Friday to Saturday. At this time B.C. Hydro isn’t concerned about water levels in the reservoir.

Fort St. John had a total of 114.9 mm during the storm and Dawson Creek had 82.4 mm.

The rain fall warnings have ended for the Peace, but there is still a chance we could get some rain and maybe another thunderstorm. As of Sunday, the weather still looks wet as there is rain in the forecast everyday up until Thursday.

On a positive note, Fort Nelson was the hot spot in the province of B.C. Saturday with a temperature of 26.2.

The following are the rain fall numbers from Environment Canada.

  Thursday Friday Saturday
Fort St. John 20.8mm 37.1mm 57.0mm
Dawson Creek 19.2mm 54.4mm 8.8mm
Chetwynd 27.5mm 72.0mm 25.8mm
Hudson’s Hope 36.0mm 23.0mm 57.0mm