Just as Energeticcity.ca is about to celebrate our third birthday serving Fort St. John & Area, we have a number of exciting changes to announce and a new addition to the family is on the way.

On July 1st 2011, we will be launching a sister website to serve Dawson Creek and Area, and then later in July, we’ll be bringing a new look to Energeticcity.ca.

Mile0city.ca will serve the community of Dawson Creek with the extensive coverage we’ve become known for in Fort St. John.

With a strong community focus and commitment, Mile0city.ca will be the place to go for Dawson Creek news and excellent place to market your business and tell thousands of Dawson Creek residents what you offer.

Over the past several months, we have been busy building a brand new website system that will power Mile0city.ca and Energeticcity.ca The new system incorporates the feedback we’ve heard from our vistors over the years about the new features and improvements that you want to see on your favorite website.

Early in July, we will be transitioning the current Energeticcity.ca to the new system and a new look.  Both sites will be independent and focused on each community.

If you have a local non-profit community group, Mile0city.ca will be offering free blogs for community groups. If you are interested in signing up for one, email contact@mile0city.ca.

Meanwhile, get the inside scoop on Mile0city.ca by joining our Facebook Page. Everyone that becomes a fan of Mile0city.ca on Facebook between now and July 20th will be entered to win a Blackberry Playbook from Petron Communications or a pair of weekend passes to Big Valley

We look forward to showing you the exciting changes that are just around the corner!

– The Moose FM & Energeticcity.ca Team