This Father’s Day weekend, the city streets will be littered with presents.

From Friday June 17 until Sunday June 19, the Northern Environmental Action Team
(NEAT), will be putting on “Kick it to the Curb.”
The idea of the weekend-long event is for residents throughout the Peace River Regional District to place any unwanted items at their curb, where people can stop by and pick them up free of charge.
NEAT is asking that any items that have not been picked up by 4 p.m. Sunday be taken off the curb.
NEAT is encouraging people to post their address and items on their Facebook page to help organize the weekend event. People can also follow NEAT on Twitter throughout the weekend, as staff will be providing insight into the wide variety of items available. Its Twitter account is @NEATfsj.
For more information on the event or to post your available items, please visit the NEAT website or contact them via telephone at 250-785-6328.