Photo: Local Canada Post employees staged a protest, after they claim they were locked out./Adam Reaburn

In Fort St. John, Canada Post employees have taken to the streets with picket signs after claiming to have been locked out for the day.

Mail will not be delivered either Tuesday or Thursday this week because of the lockout, says Amber Mooney, president of the Fort St. John local Canadian union of postal workers. However, Fort St. John is not alone in this lockout. Mooney says lockouts have occurred across the country. 

She says employees had every intention of delivering mail in the city today, but because of the lockout, they won’t be able to do so. Additionally, she says that Canada Post has cut postal clerk hours in half from eight to four hours a day.

Canada Post employees have held rolling strikes across the country over the last 10 days, affecting approximately one-third of the country.


Pamphlet: Canada Post employees have been distributing a pamphlet from their union discussing the lockout and current labour disputes./

On Tuesday, the union representing many Air Canada employees became the second national corporation to go on strike. However, those employees may be legislated back to work by the federal government within the next few days. There is currently no information on whether similar legislation is being considered for Canada Post employees.

A call to Canada Post’s head office has not yet been returned.