New Solar Panel at City Hall – Photo Credit: City of Fort St John Facebook Page

The city of Fort St. John has begun using the sun to its advantage.

As of June 6, the City has started converting sunshine into electricity and is selling it back to the B.C. Hydro Grid, by installing a 920 Wp photovoltaic system at City Hall, which is connected to the cities electricity grid.

The photovoltaic process is a system which uses one or more solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity.

The new addition to City Hall includes net-metering capabilities and has the ability to be monitored in real-time through the internet, due to a series of micro-inverters installed on each panel.

These micro-inverters offer a much more advantageous system over a traditional single inverter, as they allow for maximum power tracking per panel as well as better production under partially shaded conditions.

City staff is currently working to put up a display with information related to the system in the main lobby of City Hall as well as on the previously installed solar thermal hot water system.