Two travel agencies operating in Fort St. John have officially merged into a single company.

As of Monday, May 30, Cameron Travel Ltd. has amalgamated with fellow travel agency, Marlin Travel, after Cameron Travel Ltd. purchased the assets of Marlin Travel for an undisclosed amount of money.

Prior to the merge, Marlin Travel had been operating in Fort St. John for 45 years.

As a result of the merge, Cameron Travel, still the companies official legal entity, will be conducting their business under a franchise agreement as Marlin Travel.

The buyout came as a result of the co-owner of Marlin Travel, Karen Bowler’s decision to retire. Lesley Robbins, the other co-owner will be remaining at the office as an employee. 

Despite the merge, no layoffs have occurred from either company and employment is being maintained from both offices.

Brent Erickson, the company’s back office manager, discusses a couple of the benefits the merge will provide.

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According to Erickson, there is zero tension between the two companies and both sets of employees are excited at the opportunity to work together.