A project is taking the initiative to connect all First Nations Communities within the province to high-speed internet.

The Pathways to Technology project, has a goal of connecting all 203 B.C. First Nations Communities to the high-speed world wide web. On June 14, at 11:30 a.m., the project will move one step closer, as the northeast community of Doig River will activate its first-ever broadband internet service.

Doig River will be one of the first communities to gain high-speed access under the new $40.8 million dollar project.

This First Nations connectivity initiative, will be working to close the digital gap between rural First Nations and mainstream B.C. communities.

Lack of internet connectivity has been a major issue facing rural First Nation communities in B.C. Over the next five years, the Pathway project is expecting to connect over 50 remote communities in the province that currently have limited or no internet services.

Connecting to high-speed internet will provide these communities improvements in healthcare, and will also open up cultural and educational opportunities for children and families. With high-speed internet access, daily activities such as managing resources and conducting daily business will become a much more convenient task.