Effective August, the Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors (CAODC) will have a new president.

Joe Bruce, Chairman of the Board of Directors, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mark. A Scholz, as the new President of the CAODC. Scholz will assume his position as President on August 1.

Scholz is a graduate from the University of Calgary and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science and economics. He has been an employee of the CAODC for the past three years, previously holding a managerial position in Technical Services. His new role will include responsibilities for all aspects of the CAODC.

He will be replacing Don Herring, who has served the CAODC for almost 30 years and will be retiring during the summer season.

Scholz says “it is truly an honour to be given this responsibility to serve the membership of the CAODC. I look forward to this new and exciting challenge. I want to thank Mr. Herring for his support and mentorship over the years. Mr. Herring has led the organization with his overflowing integrity and unmatched intuition. He will be greatly missed.”

As President, Scholz will be overlooking an association which represents the contact drilling and service rig industry across Canada. The membership is comprised of 41 drilling contractors, 71 service rig contractors and 175 associate members.