Over the weekend, a day was dedicated to stress the importance of equality.

On Saturday June 4, SPARC B.C. held its’ annual Access Awareness Day, a campaign which takes place on the first Saturday of June, with intentions of raising awareness about disability, accessibility and social inclusion.

The campaign has been made possible by people who understand the importance of social inclusion and recognize that everyone has the right to participate in all aspects of human life, as well as to celebrate diversity within ones community.

Access Awareness Day is a great opportunity to share success stories, recognize someone within the community, as well as to help put your community on the map.

Although According to the SPARC B.C., Access Awareness Day is about more than just a single day. It is an opportunity to stress the importance of building a society where barriers and exclusions no longer exist and that independence, self-esteem and dignity are felt by everyone within the community.

For more information on SPARC B.C.’s Access Awareness Day campaign, visit their official website.