According to the latest numbers from Enviornment Canada, through the first five days of this month, Fort St. John is on pace to easily exceed the local area June precipitation average of 71.4 millimeters.

20 millimeters was recorded at the airport from Thursday through Sunday…including what was received from 6.4 centimeters of snow on Friday…a June 3rd record.

The 20 millimeter total is also more than the amount received in all of last month, and in the full month of June last year.

Those totals were 12.8 and 14.3 millimeters respectively.

This June if the local area was to stay on the current pace, the final total for the month could be 120 millimeters.

That might sound a little unrealistic, but according to the latest forecast, we could double the current total of 20 millimeters before this day is over.