The Fort St. John RCMP says numerous complaints have been reported this spring concerning the behavior of cyclists.


As a result police are reminding bike riders they must operate on the same side of the road, and adhere to the same driving rules, as drivers of other vehicles.

They’re also reminded again that cycling on sidewalks is prohibited in BC, and those who do so are subject to a $109 fine.

In addition, all cyclists are subject to a fine of $29 for riding without a helmut, and in this regard police are encouraging parents to set a proper example for children.

At the same time police are also reminding motorists to pay attention to cyclists, and to give them the same right-of-way they would give any other vehicle.

All that noted police are encouraging cyclists to enjoy a safe summer, and to make use of the city bicycle paths.

However, in this regard, it’s important to remember those paths are also used by runners and walkers, and when they’re approached from behind by a cyclist, a verbal alert prior to passing, is also important for safety reasons.