Calling it a high risk police response, the Fort St. John RCMP has concluded its investigation, without any charges being laid, in connection with an incident involving the arrest of four young males in the city Tuesday afternoon.


Police now say they located a car about one hour after a complaint from a woman, waiting in her vehicle for her children at Central Elementary School.

She claimed that one of the car’s occupants had a bandana covering his mouth, and he was holding a pistol in his lap.

Police located and stopped the vehicle about 4 o’clock, when it was turniing south onto 102nd street, while traveling west on 100th avenue.

The occupants were apprehended without incident, and during a search of the car police found a bandana, and a replica of a Desert Eagle prop gun used in movies.

Upon further investigation it was concluded the youths were only “playing around,” and there was no evidence that the prop pistol had been pointed at anyone or used in the commission of an offence.

However, because they demand high risk police response, the public is reminded, that incidents of this nature can put those responsible for them, and the general public, in danger.