The general public has been updated on the progress of the new Hospital and Residential Care Project.
Wednesday, Northern Health held an information session at the Quality Inn Northern Grande. The session specifically covered updates on the construction of the new Fort St. John Hospital, as well as its new Residential Care Project.
With regards to the construction of the new hospital, those in attendance were shown pictures of the progress being made within the facility. People were also made aware that construction is running on schedule, on budget and that the project should be completed in roughly one year.
The session included a variety of speakers, including project manager Tom Sparrow and City representative Victor Shopland, who provided information on road closures outside of the facility and when those would come into effect.
Steve Raper, the communications director of Northern Health says the meeting went very well and was extremely well attended. He said with all the speakers, plus a question and answer period, the community was given a detailed insight into the progress of the facility.