A local woman has been selected as a youth delegate for an upcoming forum about violence against aboriginal women.

Fort St. John resident Alana Green has been selected to be a B.C. aboriginal youth delegate for the Collaboration to End Violence Against Aboriginal Women Forum, taking place in Vancouver from June 15-17.

Green was selected for the position by the Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation, after submitting an essay to help name the forum in January. Green says she had no idea she was being considered and the request for her to take the position came as a total surprise.

She says violence against women is a topic she is quite passionate about, as she has witnessed friends experience it first hand and would like to provide whatever insight she can to prevent future occurrences.

Green, along with a number of other youth delegates from across Canada, will be co-hosting the youth portion of the forum. They will discuss methods to prevent future violence against women and will also provide a youthful perspective on the issues covered at the forum.   

The forum will cover a variety of topics pertaining to violence against aboriginal women, such as socio-economic conditions which contribute to their vulnerability as well as their exposure to violence. It will also explore ways to work together to end violence against aboriginal.

The agenda includes three working sessions, where those in attendance will develop recommendations for actions to help prevent or intervene in violence as well as improve methods of support for females who have experienced or are at risk of experiencing violence.

For more information on the forum, please visit the official website.