Two human skulls have been found near a campsite outside of Grande Prairie.

The Edmonton Journal reports that campers found the two human skulls Saturday May 21 east of Bezanson on the Forestry Truck road.

The Journal spoke with Derek Jenner who found the remains while camping with friends. Jenner told the Edmonton Journal that there was a persistent odour in the air on and off all day Friday and Saturday. Late Saturday afternoon, the campers went into the bush to investigate the smell.

The campers found two human skulls and another bone partially buried under leaves.

Cpl. Carol McKinley with the Grande Prairie RCMP confirmed the two skulls had been found. A joint task force called Project Kare was notified as a matter of process, but is responsible for investigating 70 dead or missing women in Alberta.

Thursday the Grande Prairie RCMP stated the remains had been removed from the camp site on Monday May 23. At this time, they haven’t provided a time line for when the remains will be identified.

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