The City of Fort St. John has taken the next step in water conservation after officially adopting a city-wide strategy.

On Tuesday, City Council voted in favour of adopting a policy that, according to the city manager, simply formalizes what the City has been doing for several years.

The policy outlines current and future projects and information about water consumption, as well as water being discharged.

City Manager Dianne Hunter says the formal policy will now allow the City to access specific grants, including two from the Province for work done on both the South and North Lagoons.

In 2010, upgrades were done to the wastewater treatment plant on the south lagoon and for a sanitary sewer trunk main twinning on the North Lagoon.

The City’s Director of Finance Laura Sanders says the total cost for the south lagoon project was just more than $2.2 million and the cost for the upgrades to the north lagoon was around $3.2 million.

The City had applied for more than $3.7 million in grants from the Province, which have already been approved. However, the Province required the City to have an official strategy in place before it would release the funds.

With the newly adopted policy, the City will now be able to access those funds.