Although the City understands the plight of residents of the City Centre Mobile Home Park, it has no control over the closure of the privately owned park.

That’s the message from the City coming from Monday’s Fort St. John City Council meeting.

City Manager Dianne Hunter told councillors that the City has received numerous phone calls from worried park residents who believed the park’s closure was under the City’s jurisdiction. However, Hunter said the City has no ability to stop the closure of private land.

The 1.558 hectare property is currently up for sale for $2.49 million, in which the listing states that there is support to rezone the area to an R2 classification, a high density residential area.
Fort St. John City Planner Kevin Brooks had previously told that the City was contacted by a representative of the trailer park owner late last year. Brooks said the representative asked about the property’s current classification and the potential for its rezoning.
However, Hunter said that, at this point, the City has not received an application to rezone the park, which cannot even be considered until after the park has been closed.

Although the City has no control over the park’s closure, there is one bylaw in place that does indirectly affect park residents. Hunter said the bylaw prevents a mobile home more than 10 years-old from being moved into or within city limits, because of safety and fire code concerns. Thus, any park residents with trailers older than 10 years would have to relocate their trailers outside Fort St. John.

However, she does add that the City will work with park residents, as well as the park owner throughout the process.