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Cap gun responsible for school lock down in Dawson Creek

The Dawson Creek RCMP say a cap gun was used during the incident Wednesday at South Peace Secondary School and Central School.

The Dawson Creek RCMP are still investigating the incident, which they state happened at about 2:30p.m. Wednesday. The RCMP received a report that a young person entered South Peace Secondary School displaying what looked like a hand gun.

According to Staff Sergeant Darren Traichevich, during their investigation, they located a cap gun that had been discarded by the suspect. Currently two Dawson Creek youths are in police custody awaiting a court appearance.

At the height of the incident, South Peace Secondary School along with Central School, went into lock down and students were kept within the building.

Although the suspect had left the school before police arrived, police set up a perimeter around the school and found the person with a group of students. The suspect was then taken into custody.

Police say students were never in danger nor were they threatened during the incident.

The investigation into the incident continues. 

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