Zimmer takes riding, Conservatives win majority

Photo: Newly elected MP Bob Zimmer stands with his son at his campaign office in Fort St. John./ Sean Assor

Conservative Bob Zimmer has won the seat for the Prince George-Peace River riding with more than 60 per cent of the vote.
Zimmer has led the way throughout most of the night, beating out NDP candidate Lois Boone, who was considered a strong candidate against Zimmer.
At his campaign office in Fort St. John, he expressed his gratitude to constituents.

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The Conservatives have won the election with the majority Prime Minister Stephen Harper had said was needed after seven years of minority governments. This is the first majority Conservative government since the once elected under Brian Mulroney in 1988.

However, the real surprise across the country has been the NDP uprising, taking many seats away from the Bloc Quebecois and from the Liberals. When asked how Zimmer thought the House of Commons would look as the NDP take the official opposition, he says he believes it will favour the Conservatives.

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NDP candidate Lois Boone received the second most number of votes, winning approximately 25 per cent of the vote. Boone congratulated Zimmer on his win, but also says she hopes he ensures to think about the average person and the importance of keeping life affordable for residents in this riding.

Boone also says, despite her loss, she is happy with her party’s performance nationally and believes Jack Layton will ensure issues affecting the average Canadian are not forgotten.

The Prince George – Peace River riding has been a Conservative stronghold for numerous years. Zimmer takes over from former Member of Parliament Jay Hill who resigned on Oct. 25 after exactly 17 years in office.

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