Photo: Swarms of people crowded into the square at Buckingham Palace, Friday, for a glimpse of the royal wedding couple./Dan Davies


Considered by many to be the “wedding of the century”, Friday’s royal wedding between Kate Middleton and Prince William occurred without any major problems and even the weather co-operated.

Fort St. John City Councillor Dan Davies took a personal trip to London, England for the past several days. He has spent most of Friday just in front of Buckingham Palace to catch a glimpse of the procession returning from the ceremony at Westminster Abbey.

Davies says there were already several thousands of people in the square in front of the palace – some having camped overnight – when he arrived at 5:30 this morning local time. He also says the crowd’s energy was unlike anything he has ever experienced.

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The celebrations are expected to continue throughout the day and night as Davies says there are around 5,000 street parties occurring all across the city.

He also says that although it had been forecasted to rain, the sun broke out just after the ceremony began.

And the dress? Davies says he thought it was a beautiful dress, but that it also reflected Kate’s down-to-earth nature.