Today is the last day for Canadians who wish to do so, to cast their ballots in an advance poll for the May 2nd election.

Under law, there are three days of advance polling in a federal election campaign — ten, nine, and seven days before the set voting day, which is the Elections Canada explanation, for why the polls were open on Good Friday.

Here in Fort St. John the advance poll is at the curling rink at 9504, 96th street and the voting hours today are again from noon to 8pm.

However, in this region, it’s important for rural area voters to make sure they go to their assigned polling station.  If you don’t know where your local polling station is, visit

This is Susan Friend, of Elections Canada…

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The latest national public opinion poll shows the incumbent Conservatives with a widening lead over both the Liberals and NDP, now in a statistical dead heat.

The poll conducted for CTV and the Glode and Mail gives the Tories 39.2 percent of surveyed voters, the Liberals 25.6 and the NDP 23.6.

The poll released this morning shows the Liberals trending down in vote-rich Ontario at only 29.3 percent, their lowest level of support in that province since the start of the campaign.

By comparison the Conservatives are at 47.8 percent in Ontario, which likely remains the key, if Prime Minister Harper is to finally get, his long sought majority government.