The upcoming 2011/2012 school calendar for all schools in the city has been approved.

The School District 60 Board has approved the calendar for all Fort St. John schools, including 182 instructional days for both elementary and secondary school students, as well as a nine-day spring break right before Good Friday, 2012.

At Monday night’s meeting, a member of the public made a presentation about how spring break does not coincide with spring breakup for workers in the oil and gas industry. He wanted to know if the Board would consider altering the spring break schedule to allow it to occur at the same time so that many parents working in camp could spend more time with their children.

Board members questioned the fact that spring breakup can vary from year to year and, unless there is a set date that would be known ahead of time, if changing the spring break schedule would actually allow the two to overlap.

They also pointed out that parents across the District have varying jobs and not all of them work in the oil and gas industry.

The 2011/2012 School District 60 Local School Calendar can be viewed below.