Encana expands into Farmington area


Residents of Farmington have been updated on the sweet gas drilling in the Montney Play.

On Tuesday evening, Encana held a public information session in Farmington, informing residents about the current progress being made in the Farmington area on the construction of multiple drill sites.

The session covered a variety of topics, including future plans, information on how the wells are being drilled, as well as assurances regarding the protection of ground water.

Community Relations Advisor Brian Lieverse says there was a good public turnout, which offered positive feedback to the developments within the area. Some issues were raised about certain well locations, but Lieverse says those concerns are currently being worked out by Encana.

Encana’s capital investment in the Farmington area is a planned $155 million dollars in 2011.

Work is scheduled to continue in the development of 20 wells in the greater Farmington area. Lieverse says progress is going according to schedule, despite Encana encountering some brief setbacks due to a heavy snow melt.

Lieverse says that there will be another information session in the future, but the date has not yet been determined.

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