As B.C. New Democrats are gearing up to select their new party leader from four candidates this weekend, one of the candidates has come under scrutiny for a quote involving Fort St. John.

In a story dealing with rural B.C. policies, the Penticton Western News states that leadership candidate Mike Farnworth suggested it does not matter to rural voters where a candidate is from, as long as he or she has policies which appeal to those voters.

He then goes on to say, “You can have an idiot elected from Fort St. John and just because they’re from rural B.C. doesn’t mean they’re going to be a particularly good premier. Likewise, you could have somebody from Vancouver who might not be that good a leader in terms of even dealing with urban issues.” has put a call in to Mike Farnworth’s campaign, but has not yet received a response.

NDP members will be able to vote for their preferred leadership candidate on Sunday, April 17.