Fraudulent H2S Alive certificates are a continuing concern across B.C. and Alberta.

Enform, which issues the certificates, first realized a problem with certain certificates a couple of years ago.

Some students were not receiving the required amount of training, the required materials or taking the required tests in order to obtain the certificate, says Lucie Janosek, acting manager for Enform British Columbia.

Janosek says not only is this situation considered fraudulent, but not receiving the proper training puts the person’s safety at risk.

She says the situation first came to Enform’s attention when an instructor – at the time employed by Enform – was found to be issuing false certificates. She also says that particular instructor was only employed until 2009, but Enform is still looking for employers across B.C. and Alberta to help identify further fraudulent certificates.

She says there have been people who have had their certificate rejected by employers and then come into the Enform office wondering why, only to find out that it was fraudulently produced.

Janosek says the H2S Alive certification is a standardized course across the country and there are strict requirements for how the course must be taught. The course teaches people to recognize the risks associated with Hydrogen Sulphide and to perform first aid in the event of H2S exposure.

Enform is the only company in Canada authorized through its franchises to provide the course and award the certificates.

The official certificates include security features like thermo-chromic ink that becomes colourless when heat is applied to it and micro-print, which is blurred if photocopied.

Anyone who has questions or is concerned about his or her H2S Alive certificate is encouraged to contact Enform in Fort St. John at 250-785-6009.