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Local candidates weigh in on English leaders' debate

Tuesday’s English-language leaders’ debate may not have had a noticeably clear winner, but in the Prince George-Peace River riding, three local candidates say the leaders got their messages across to Canadians.

Jack Layton pointed out many of the differences between the Conservatives and the NDP, says local NDP candidate, Lois Boone. However, Boone says after the debate, she feels there will really only be two parties vying for seats in B.C.

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However, local Liberal candidate Ben Levine feels differently about the debate. Levine says he feels Michael Ignatieff won the debate and that he clearly outlined that the Liberals have the best plan for Canadians. He also says he felt Prime Minister Stephen Harper was not completely honest during the debate.

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Local Conservative candidate Bob Zimmer says he feels the debate went well for Stephen Harper, especially as he reminded Canadians that the economy is the most important item for the party. He also says he feels Harper duly reminded Canadians that there is only one way to make true progress in the country.

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The French-language leaders’ debate will begin at 5 p.m. PDT, Wednesday.

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