Newest candidate running for Pirate party


A newly formed party is taking on its first Canadian election and bringing technological issues to the forefront in the election campaign.

The Pirate party was formed in 2009 and has fewer than 15 candidates running across Canada, but Jeremy Cote is one of them, running in the Prince George-Peace River riding.

Cote is from Fort Nelson and says he decided to join the party because its platform echoes many of his own feelings about technology.

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Net neutrality focuses on ensuring that Internet Service Providers cannot only allow users to access specific sites while restricting their access to other websites. Cote says it would prevent competition and remove the Internet freedoms Canadians currently enjoy, such as online shopping or communicating with relatives.

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Cote says his party may be young, but feels it has a platform that is appealing to people who might be concerned about the way technology is changing and may be regulated in the future. He also says the party is also hoping to attract more people from the younger demographic, by encouraging them to vote.

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Although the party is still small in Canada, Cote points to the fact that in Sweden the country’s version of the Pirate party has already won a seat in the federal government.

Cote has spent most of his life in the Prince George-Peace River riding. He was born in Prince George and has lived in the Fort Nelson area for more than a decade.

Currently, there are five official candidates running in the local riding, including Cote. Bob Zimmer is running for the Conservatives, Ben Levine for the Liberals, Lois Boone for the NDP and Hilary Crowley for the Green party.

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