The local tourism board is taking the initiative to increase tourism in Fort St. John.


On Tuesday, Tourism Fort St. John held a stakeholder awareness day, as part of the city’s participation in B.C. Tourism’s, Tourism Community Plan, designed to enhance economic development within the province.

Erika Lange, a board member with Tourism Fort St. John explains what the Tourism Community Plan involves.

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At Tuesday’s event, local businesses were encouraged to get together and discuss ideas as to how tourism can be increased within the city. The day also included helping businesses access the necessary tools to make those ideas a reality.

Lange says there are three objectives the Board hopes to reach regarding tourism within the region.

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Lange expresses the importance of tourism in the community, referencing a 2009 economic study conducted by Northern B.C. Tourism, which provides statistics showing a $73 million dollar benefit to Fort St. John from tourism alone

She says Fort St. John’s greatest attractions are the people, the scenery, as well as the community experiences. Surprisingly, she says tourism is split roughly 50/50 in both the summer and winter seasons and despite increasing gas prices and a sub par economy, over the past few years, tourism to Fort St. John has remained consistent.

Although there is always room for improvement and Lange says there are some initiatives the City can focus on to increase tourism.

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Aside from sport tourism, Lange feels that the city would benefit from an RV park within City boundaries, as well as the development of the Energy Interpretive Centre.